Sin is Sin is Sin


I have a question: How can you be a Christian and be for gay marriage and abortion? These are the very things that Jesus is against. You can’t be on the fence. You are either for Him or against Him. If you say your for Jesus but then say people are born gay or a baby isn’t human until they take their first breath you are calling Jesus a liar. The word Christian literally means to be like Christ. You can’t be like Christ and believe in gay marriage and abortion. You need to call it sin just like Jesus does.

Now I’m not saying that being gay or having an abortion are the only sins out there. They’re not. BUT they are the only sins that are being celebrated in our country. We are still against murder (to someone who was already born and not killed in self defense). We are still against stealing, adultery, and lying. Fornication is accepted but not really celebrated. Anger and hatred are accepted but not really celebrated. BUT these sins are all the same in God’s eyes. They are all in the same category and have the same penalty. Hellfire and brimstone. There is only one way to escape this damnation. To accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Now this doesn’t mean just to say, “Lord forgive me.” And then go about your business. One of the things that Jesus said was, “Sin no more.” And He didn’t stutter when He said it. He meant it literally. BUT how do you do that? It’s a lifestyle. You literally make a conscious effort each and every time not to sin.

Temptation is not sinning. Jesus was tempted but was without sin. You have to literally stop and say no to the temptation. Read you Bible everyday. Pray without ceasing. And when you do sin ask for forgiveness right then and there. And if you sin against another person ask for their forgiveness. It’s humbling but do unto others as you have them do unto you. God Bless!!!!

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